A Social Media Profile Photo Says a Lot About a Person

I have a theory that the social media profile picture you choose offers clues about your personality and what matters to you. Here are a few common choices of social media users and some insight into what it may say about the user.

This was written for fun. See if any of it rings true for you. πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‰

Close-up shot of your face or eyes — you want the world to get a true glimpse into your soul — the real you.

Far away photo — you’re stand offish but still want the world to get to know you (and see what you look like) — in small steps.

Picture of a body part (boobs, booty or even a tattoo) — this is the part of you that you think the world values you for. May be a sign of low self-esteem / self-worth.

Photo of other people in your life or a pet (you not included) — you put others in your life first, which seems noble but it actually signals that you don’t think YOU matter much in the grand scheme of things.

Photo of yourself with another person or pet — that person may mean a lot to you, but including him or her in your profile picture could be a sign of co-dependency. You feel that you have to have someone else there to define you.

No Picture at All (a flower or similar photo instead) — this person is guarded and prefers privacy. Possibly paranoid or may have had a situation happen in the past that caused her or his guard to go up.

Photo of money, diamonds or other expensive items — wants others to believe that they are doing better than they actually are. Places a high value on material items and feels that these are the keys to a happy/good life.

Side profile — may be a sign that you’re trying to hide something about yourself. Maybe another side of your personality or a secret life.

Guest Post by Jade B.


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